aurora lite bank

Osea Costantini was born on April 15th 1983 and at the age of 14 he became interested in photography.
While finishing high school, he devoted himself to photography and fell in love with black and white photography. Appearing in the Italian national photography society with a very strong and grotesque style, his works received a lot of attention with his exhibition "Hallucination" in several Italian cities including Milan.
Later, he started working as an advertising photographer, doing high creative impact works, with a unique style classical photography and photo illustration, fusing them together in a unique look. 
Distinctive use of light, dark tones on pastel shades, refined subjects, high-impact messages and a unique digital processing, make Osea Costantini one of the youngest Italian professional photographers.
He explained how he became a big fan of Aurora,My fellow makeup artist departed for the body painting show in the piazza but without a photographer so asked me if I can help him. That morning I had received the Aurora D-800, and for the first time I used them in the show.  When I saw the results, I fell in love these flashes instantly.”
Now to let people know how good Aurora products are, he works for Aurora Lite Bank and their distributor Gruppo BP, as a promoter, and organizes photography and photo processing workshops all around Italy. Soon he will release tutorial video clips on Aurora products which will be recorded in Italian and subtitled in English.
For more information please contact him on his website or on facebook as Osea Costantini.
Glimps of his backstage
   Osea Costantini in Aurora shirt poses with hair stylist