aurora lite bank
IBC is the largest scale tradeshow for professionals engaged in broadcasting media and entertainment.
At this year’s IBC total attendance recorded at 50,462 which is a 4% from last year and just over 1,300 companies from worldwide exhibited in the RAI’s thirteen halls.
It was the first exhibition for Aurora at IBC and turned out to be a success. While most of lighting manufacturers exhibit in hall 11, Aurora’s booth was positioned in hall 9 across Zylight and Nila from USA. Bad location made us somewhat intimidated during preparation but as soon as the show started, we got delighted with visitors’ commenting how unique and good Aurora LEDs are.

What made Auroa LEDs outstanding from other LED lights at the show was unique design, homogenous and yet powerful lighting.
The intensity of 2000S at 6m distance is 920Lux. DMX and on-board buttons allow one to dim from 0 to 100% with minimal color shift. Single shadow rendition enables perfect light cutting and forming.
1000F was particularly welcomed being only base LED light at the show.
BLP612, back-lit LED light panel in 60cm x 120cm was loved by visitors from broadcasting studios as well as from film industry. Its unique design, a large size and high lighting quality were praised and loved.
IBC 2011 will be remembered as a momentous exhibition and we look forward to IBC 2012.